Daliang Clogs

DaLiang Town in Shunde has a great fame as one of the important producing place of clogs in Guangdong.

The people near the water-net enjoyed wearing clogs in the past, because of its convenience, decency and appropriate price. In the 1940s, industry of clogs was very flourishing in Daliang town while had nearly 400 practitioners and more than 4 millions pairs clogs been produced in a year. Those clogs not only possessed the market of Guangdong, as well as vastly exported to Hong Kong and Southeast Asia. There were two varieties in Daliang’s clogs; one was made by bamboo which with plastic bottom and no voice existed in walking;another one was made by wood that mostly produced with pinewood, banyan wood etc. More than 100 types of wood made clogs in Daliang, and mainly divided into Hawaii style and Anna style what had difference between heels and colors. Those colorful wood clogs usually been lively painted with various patterns, such as flowers, birds etc. to shows vitality and beauty.

Due to the popularity of plastic slippers, clogs had decreased since the beginning of 1960s