National Garden City

Foshan has become more and more beautiful.

56-year-old Mr Feng Jingyuan is a worker in Zhongshan Park, As an "old, Foshan," he witnessed the process which Foshan from the original old city, turned into a beautiful modern city.

He concluded the reasons for the rapid development of Foshan city, he said, "Only under the leadership of the Communist Party, Foshan will have today's beauty." Mr. Feng at the memory, after the liberation from the old ancient city of Foshan begin large-scale change. Excavation in 1959, Zhongshan Park, Xiuli Lake should be regarded as a landmark event. "At that time, amenities Foshan was ragged, virescence planting was monotony; Zhongshan Park area was very small. Basically these were no decent urban areas for public recreation and leisure parks in the city. In 1959, the municipal government mobilized the masses artificial excavation lake as the gift to the tenth anniversary of National Day.

When I was 12 years old, I was attending primary school. School also organized us to help adults picking bricks. Remember we all are not afraid of neither hardship or tired; the enthusiasm for taking part in building is very high. At that time, party secretary of Foshan Luo Yucheng, Can Wang, vice mayor and other city leaders also take part in labor personally, but also stirred up the masses of the party and fight side by side with the sentiments and high aspirations. "

It is the Communist Party and the masses have such a fighting spirit inspired, from the late 50's to 60's, the city's landscape after the liberation of the building set off the first building of the climax. The second half of 1958, in the municipal government under the leadership of our city a call for "rotten change into Gardens" slogan, only two months, hundreds of small gardens, small pleasances on streets were built in Foshan. It green the both sides of Fen River from Zhongshan Bridge to Fenjiang Bridge. In addition, Wuqin martyrs cemetery, Shiwan artificial lake Park, Ancestral Temple Park is built in the 60s. By 1964, urban landscaping area was 96 hectares, built-up 10% green coverage, which made Foshan Landscaping a new record.

At that time, the construction of Foshan landscaping conditions is difficult, but everyone is in a very high enthusiasm, drive a lot." According to Mr Feng Jinyuan memories, the construction works of Foshan landscaping at the time, all from "a shoulder pole add two fecal pocket" .
Since then, because of the Cultural Revolution, Foshan landscaping is basically stagnant, some had built parks, green spaces and even being eroded and undermined. From the late 70s to early 90s, after bringing order out of chaos, a renewed emphasis on the construction of Foshan landscaping, garden city has entered a job to resume development. During this time, the city had been removed the green space occupied and encroached during the Cultural Revolution. Shuihong Park, Tiejun Park, Foshan Fairyland etc. were been built. And since 1981 a land of 460,000 square meters Wufengshan woodland scenery has built. There were more and more facilities for people amusement and relaxation.

Starting from 1994, Foshan’s landscaping has entered a rapid development stage. On the one hand, municipal government attaches great importance to landscape construction, on the other hand, many funds also put Foshan into a tremendous change.

During this period, more than 10 larger amusement parks had been built in urban area, such as Jihua Park, Station Park, Hongye Park, Tangcui Park, Baiyan Park, Lotus Square, Nanpo Park etc.

More than 30 green road were constructed like the “green corridor" Foshan Boulevard, Fenjiang Road, Jiangwan Road etc. At that time, the land prices for some location of the parks are extremely high, such as Jihua Park, Hongye Park. But the officers of the government took the decision in order to create more green space, for the benefit of all people.

During this period, the construction of Foshan landscaping also paid attention to the cultural relics protection and development, so that the long history of cultural Foshan was continued. Such as the building in 1999 Zhaoxiang parks, promote a culture of Foshan’s TCM. Tongji Bridge Park built last year, that crossover the folk culture and landscape construction, become rich and famous tourist spots unique in the Pearl River Delta. In the beginning of the new century, Foshan government lead generous once again --- the breaking earth of Foshan City Cultural Square upgraded the Foshan city construction standards to a new level.

According to the planning department, Cultural Plaza in our southern city is the leading space for our city to facing the new century. With the planned Sports Center Plaza and South green axis linking together, these three constitute the heart of New Southern City of Foshan. This large-scale Cultural Plaza, with huge investment and broad cover will become another great feature of the entertainment and leisure activities for Foshan public.

Foshan is titled by the United Nations as one of the 98 world's excellent example of people living city area in 1996. This is the affirmation of success for the government who attaches great importance to improving the living environment of the public over years. In 1999, the city received the title of national garden city; this is also praise for garden city built in Foshan.

Now, members of the public can take a walk or have fun near their door after one day work. They can also dance, playing Taiji or running every morning. With words from Mr. Feng “Only under the leadership of Communist Party can Foshan become such beauty and comfort today.”