Guangdong Marco Co. Ltd

The Guangdong Marco Co. Ltd was established in October 1992, and went on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange Market in January of 1994; as one famous listed company in China, Guangdong Marco Co. Ltd possessing advantages from its reliable brand and practical hi- technology.

The company is driven by national industry policies, hi-technology and market demands, it vigorously develop what dry-mode transformer as main in the industry of electrical transmission and distribution equipment, gas implement to lead in the high class domestic appliances industry and the plastic injection molding to lead in the plastic machinery industry, a complete industry form has been created with brand effect, premium asset and hi-technology.

Look forward to the future, Guangdong Marco Co. Ltd is going to keep the strategy in innovation, development and stable operation, as well as to promote and make use of the advantage that had gained from the brands, technological resource and market network, never stop to improve and never miss occasion.