Foshan Plastics Group Co., Ltd

Foshan Plastics Group Co., Ltd was established in Jun. 1988, it had been set up after the approval of Guangdong Province Government YUE BAN HAN [1988] No.165.
After the LIAN YUE SHEN BAN [1992] No.36 approval from Guangdong Joint-Stock Pilot Enterprises Pretrial Group in Jul. 1992, the stock system in Foshan Plactic Group Co., Ltd had been standardized. Taking 31st Jul. 1992 as the reference date, 383,693,700 Yuan, the net assets which could be converted into shares, would be converted into shares in the ratio of 1.5:1. Hereinto state-owned assets converted into 1,470,285 shares and collective assets 1,100,244 shares holding by Foshan State-owned Administrative Office and Foshan Plastic and Leather Industry Cooperate Communities respectively. At the same time, 320,965 Yuan investment from employee since the company stated running, had converted into 213,977 shares held by workers and staffs in the company. There were 27,845,060,000 total stock issues and its price was 1 Yuan per share.

In Jun. 1994, with the approval YUE TI GAI [1994] No.14 from Guangdong System Reforming Committee, the company was confirmed as a normative privately placed shares limited company, and also changed the name into “Foshan Plastics Group Co., Ltd”. By the approval word [2000] No.36 of CSRS, 95,000,000 shares RMB common stock would be issued for artificial person placing and investors from internet. Hereinto 300,000,000 shares would be issued by the internet; 650,000,000 shares would be placing for the artificial person (including 190,000,000 shares placing for securities investment funds). After the issuance, the capitalization of Foshan Plastics Group Co., Ltd had increase to 373,450,600 Yuan. May 25 2000, the company came into market in the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, “Fo Su Gu Fen” for short.


No. 82-84, Fenjiangzhong Road, Foshan, Guangdong Province

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