Foshan Electrical and Lighting Co., Ltd

Foshan Electrical and Lighting Co., Ltd (FELCO) is the leading manufacturer of lighting products in China. It is the electric products export base approved by the State Department and it gets the imports-exports operations, 80% of the products is being exported.
In recent years, the industrial output value, profits and exports of FELCO all ranked No.1 in the domestic counterparts. It was appraised as the first rank for four consecutive years during the best 500 cost-effective medium-sized enterprises in the electrical machinery manufacturing industry since 1990.In 1995, it had got the integrated performance first rank of “the top ten listed companies” in Shenzhen. 
FELCO produces a complete range of lighting products used in homes, offices, shops, roads, docks, stadiums, etc. It includes incandescent lamps, tungsten-halogen lamps, compact fluorescent lamps, fluorescent lamps, high intensity discharge lamps, automotive and motorcycle lamps, LED lamps and electronic ballasts, as well as lighting fixtures. The products are popular with customers domestic and abroad.

Though the company has high technological background, they also explore new technologies and new products constantly to strive for perfection. The company goes to great lengths to provide the top-ranking products and superior service for customers.