Martial Arts Actor Bruce Li (Li Xiaolong)

Bruce Li 1940-1973),birth name: Li Zhanfan, and his domicile of origin is Foshan. Bruce is the son of Li Haiquan, the famous actor of Cantonese opera actor at that time. He studied of martial arts with his father and learned Yongchun Fist from famous master. Bruce grew up in Hong Kong, and spent his elementary school and high school in Hong Kong. He then enrolled at the University of Washington in March 1961 majoring in philosophy, and after that he did the work-study job to finish his study.

Bruce was invited by the Golden Harvest Film Co. and played his first leading role in The Big Boss (1971) which proved an enormous box office success across Asia and catapulted him to stardom. He soon followed up his success with Way of the Dragon (1972) which the box office exceeded 50 million. Bruce had become a popular Gung-Fu star in Southeast Asia, Japanese and the U.S from martial arts and the martial films were the rage at that time because of Bruce Li. American Magazine had praised Bruce as “the King of Martial Art”; and he was entitled as the “Saint of Wushu” by Japanese. Bruce Li not only raised the Chinese martial arts but also carried forward the Chinese ethos in his films. On 20th July 1973, Bruce dead in Hong Kong all at once and he was only 33 years old.
Bruce Li had left behind 7 martial art notes and “Jeet Kune Do”, “Chinese Gung-Fu”, “nunchakus” and “Study on Jeet kune Do” 4 books. “Jeet Kune Do” is a new martial art which took the traditional Chinese martial arts technique as basic then run-through with the U.S karate, Thai-fist and kickboxing. It is a treasure for the world’s martial arts with skyscraping practicality value, and it had being published in several languages. People around the world had set up “Bruce Li Academy” to commemorate and explore his Kung-Fu martial arts.