Lishui: A Most Comfortable Place
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Recently, municipal party secretary Liu Yuelun, vice secretary of municipal party committee, acting mayor Lu Yi led a patrolling group to inspect the achievements in the city’s three years of upgrading. Walking along the Yanjiang Road in Lishui town of Nanhai district, they exclaimed, "Here it is very comfortable, it feels so great."

Through a series of inspections, Liu Yuelun thumbed up to the development transformation in Lishui. It is obvious that the town- village collaboration model here has resulted in a brand-new outlook. People can’t help but applaud to the village health, facade renovation, water environment. Liu Yuelun even continually praised three times: "Really upgraded".

The Yanjiang Road is so agreeable that citizens and secretary sing together.

"Secretary, come and sing with us." Aunt Tang Yulin, who is singing in Fushou Park at Yanjiang Road, invited inspecting Liu Yuelun to sing songs together. Yesterday at 10 am, as soon as the city upgrade inspection team entered the park, the singing and dancing uncles and aunts invited them to sing enthusiastically.

The local people's enthusiasm was felt by the entire team, and all of them were permeated with cheerful laughter. After Liu Yuelun sang the song together with citizens, he walked along the road along the shore, enjoying a gentle breeze. He sighed it was really comfortable here.

As the focus of Lishui’s city upgrade project, Yanjiang Road not only has the Ming dynasty’s Beichong Pavilion, Lishui Restaurant of nearly a century history, but also the riverside scenery of “one river, three banks” and architectures of thick Lingnan flavor. Through the transformation of buildings’ facades, the roads, road signs, pavements and ancillary facilities, road greening, street lamps, and night view lighting, theYanjiang Road now has become the citizens’ ideal place for leisure and entertainment.

Since 2012, this 1 km riverside road began to transform, with Fushou Bridge in the east and Lishui Grand Bridge in the west, involving 29 buildings, nearly 700 residents, building facade area of about 45000 square meters. "Architectural changes are beyond words now, before the park bridge was circled, and now it is open now. We feel comfortable." Aunt Tang said now the scenery near the road is no longer separated, but open and tidy.

Through three years of upgrading, the magnificent scenery after upgrading looks brand-new. When they were attracted by the pleasant scenery, Deng Jingpei, a local resident, gave Liu Yuelun a poem he wrote himself. “The beauty here in Lishui not only makes people intoxicated, more importantly, Liu Yuelun greatly approved of its model. Lishui is obviously a pleasant land.”

Habitable village is upgraded while agreeable environment wins praise.

"How many registered residents and how many migrants are there here in Lishui?" Looking at the perfect management in Chishan Village here, Lu Yi asked. At 11 o 'clock yesterday, the city upgrade inspection team went into the village, what they saw was of not only the improved environment, but more places provided for citizens to enjoy leisure and entertainment after comprehensive transformation. Every member of the team gave a thumbs-up praise.

The registered population in this village is only 1500 people, but the floating population is 6000 people, in order to extend the city upgrading project to all the villages both in depth and scope, in 2012, Lishui town comprehensively launched the "beautifying village project", aiming to improve and optimize rural greening environment, municipal administration, road network construction and culture-sports services comprehensively. Chishan village was a demonstration pilot of the project where greater achievements had been harvested here.

"Many villages’ environment is awfully bad, the ground is dirty in other towns. But here the village environment is not only clean, management level is perfect, but the style of the rebuilt facades is unique," said Liu Yuelun joyfully when inspecting for a round tour. The clear water and green village gave him a pleasant surprise as this kind of habitable villages are rarely seen elsewhere in Foshan,

Except for the purification of the fishing ponds and decoration of the bars, Chishan village also invested 3 million yuan to upgrade the Chishan People’s Square with regards to the principles of protecting historical and cultural heritage and beautifying village. Through the facade modification, road reconstruction, the village comprehensively promoted upgrading in all aspects by adopting the mode of protection and reinforcement, and by repairing the old as it was.

"With park, home, field all in one, our aim is to build every community with prosperous economy, beautiful environment, comfortable life," said Deng Eigeng, the district party committee secretary of Nanhai, Now, Lishui’s "beautifying village project" has extended to more than 180 villages. The town-village financial investment is 100 million yuan, thus becoming the pioneer role model of Nanhai’s “Beautifying hometown action plan”.

Business-friendly nests gradually take shape, for golden phoenixes will make home here in succession.

In addition to improve the urban environment, cultural taste in all aspects, Lishui is also committed to building the best business environment so as to attract more property enterprises to base here.

Such well-known enterprises as the Grandbuy, the White Swan, the Evergrande, and the Camel have one by one set foot in Lishui, diversifying industries. And these did not happen overnight. Lishui has achieved this great transformation by means of upgrading and has itself benefited a lot from this transition.

“Here you will see one of the few pharmaceutical industrial parks featuring comprehensive integration in Nahai," said Mr. Tan, a person in charge of the park located in Liuchao village’s industrial zone of Lishui. This pharmaceutical industrial park is rapidly rising up. The next will be the introduction of medical instrument companies, pharmaceutical logistics enterprises and pharmaceutical production and warehousing, aiming at building an integrated industrial park where hospitals, pharmaceutical production research and development, equipment manufacturing, storage are available.

Similarly, by means of the renewal of "old towns, old factories, old villages", Lishui has revitalized the wasted land. The cases in point to overall upgrade the industrial, commercial and residential development are not just one or two, Lishui’s r new material industrial base, the Grandbuy’s economic headquarters office building, Zhou Village’s large commercial complex,BaiDa Village’s high-end residential district are the epitome of upgrading and perfect butterfly change.

Three years of city upgrading city has brought Lishui great popularity. However, but it does not stop there; it has a vision that is deep and far: through continuous industrial transformation, the introduction of corporate headquarters, the creation of a good business environment, Lishui will attract more industry giants so as to promote the economic prosperity, and accelerate industry and urban development here.

Lishui’s city upgrading sees no end. It continues to move forward to make it a most comfortable, pleasant, habitable and appropriate business home for all.

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