A manufacturing base with distinctive features
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Since China’s reform and opening up, the industrious and credible Foshan people have been working hard to seize the opportunities to start and develop their business, building Foshan into a well-known manufacturing base in China. In the past 3 decades, the city maintains a 16% growth rate in its local GDP, making Foshan one of the cities with rapid economic development and strong competitiveness. According to the Blue Book of Urban Competitiveness 2015 issued by Chinese Academy of Social Science, Foshan ranks 11th among all Chinese cities (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) in terms of overall competitiveness. 


Manufacturing industry leading economic development. In 2015, Foshan was designated as the national pilot city for comprehensive reform on industry transformation and upgrading. The city has formed its leading position in various industries, including machinery equipment, household appliances, ceramic products and building materials, metal processing and products, textile and garment, electronic information, food and beverage, fine chemicals and pharmacy, and housewares, etc. Emerging industries like opto-electronic devices, environment-friendly products, new materials, new medicines and new energy vehicle are rising. A modern industrial system with increasingly comprehensive supporting functions is taking shape.  


In recent years, Foshan government has been carrying out 3-year Plan for Industrial Chain Investment Promotion, aiming at building complete and competitive industrial chains and industrial clusters by “complementing the chain”, “developing the chain” and “consolidating the chain”. 


"Developing the chain” means to develop emerging industries of strategic importance, such as new generation information technology, new energy and bio-pharmaceutical industry. “Complementing the chain” means to to fill out high added value parts of current industrial chains in flat-panel display, automobile manufacturing and semi-conductor lighting. “Consolidating the chain” means to strengthen the overall competitiveness of the traditional advantageous industries like equipment manufacturing and household appliances, etc. Foshan government has attracted a range of key projects, including FAW-Volkswagen, Foton Company, CSR Corporation Limited, Chinese traditional medicine production base of China National Pharmaceutical Group Corporation. The city strives to build a full industrial chain of auto-manufacturing, equipment manufacturing, home appliances and furniture manufacturing.   


In 2014, Guangdong Provincial Committee of the CPC and Guangdong Provincial Government proposed that Foshan should play a leading role in building advanced equipment industrial belt on the west bank of Pearl River, to take the opportunity to mold an advanced equipment industrial base whose annual output will hit 1000 billion yuan by 2020.  


In line with the “Internet Plus” strategy, Foshan has implemented an action plan to develop itself into a pioneer in terms of “Internet Plus” application and innovation. A series of endeavors have been made to achieve this goal, such as launching an action plan about “Internet Plus”, holding the First China(Guangdong) International Internet Plus Exposition, building “Internet Plus” Crowd Funding Demonstration Zone and “Internet Plus” Startups & Innovation Industrial Park, as well as developing corresponding industrial clusters. 


Foshan has focused on smart manufacturing to promote industrial transformation and upgrading in recent years. With the initiation of The Project of Upgrading Smart Manufacturing in 100 Enterprises, demonstrative factories with flexible production and live application will be established. With the support from Ministry of Science and Technology and Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park, Foshan is making full efforts in shaping itself as the “Internet Plus Smart Manufacturing” demonstration city where mobile Internet, cloud computing, big data, Internet of things and manufacturing industry will enjoy sustainable and integrated growth. According to a report issued by State Council of the PR China, Foshan’s experience in boosting industrial transformation and upgrading through smart manufacturing is selected as an example for other cities' reference. 


Private economy develops thrivingly. The private economy in Foshan is the most developed one in China, promoting the sustainable, rapid and healthy development of Foshan. The output of private enterprises above designated scale in 2015 stood at 1391.825 billion RMB, with an increase of 9.3%, accounting for 70.4% of the total and making a contribution of 81.8% to Foshan industrial growth. 


Competitive Brand Economy. Foshan boasts the title of China Brand Economy City, Capital of Chinese Brands, National Demonstration Zone for the Famous Brands Building in Ceramic Industry and National Demonstration City of Trademark Strategy Implementation. Dozens of well-known brands and trademarks have been developed in Foshan such as Midea Electric Appliance, Foshan Lighting, Haitian Flavoring & Food, Newzhongyuan Ceramics, Jianlibao Beverage, L&S Non-metal Pipeline, Esquel Textile etc.


Booming Modern Service Industry. In recent years, Foshan has step up efforts to carry out the Action Plan for Upgrading Service Industry Development and launched Measure for Supporting Extra-large Service Projects to promote a breakthrough development of the tertiary industry. The priority has been given to productive service industry, including finance, logistic, exhibition and convention, industrial design and service outsourcing and consumer service industry, including healthcare, education, elderly care service and entertainment. The city has introduced a group of quality projects of modern service industry such as the headquarter of Osram, the backing office of KPMG China, Suning E-Commerce Base, OCT Culture and Tourist Complex, Singapore Town South China, The Innovation and Incubation Center of Guangdong Integrated Chip and Inspur Cloud Computing Center, etc. The modern finance industry, modern logistic industry and procurement and distributing industry in Foshan are rapidly growing. A group of new service formats like industrial design, creative industry, headquarters economy and e-commerce are emerging. 


The Optimization of Modern Agriculture. Foshan is reputed as a land of abundance. The time-honored mulberries, bananas and sugarcanes fish ponds have been well known. In recent years, it has taken full advantage of the modern concept of industrialized agriculture production and advanced technology to transform its traditional agriculture into ecotype urban agriculture. Currently, flowers and plants, aquatic products and livestock are the mainstay of this city's agriculture which develops at a rapid pace. Foshan is the largest phalaenopsis production base in China and the largest lily production base in Guangdong Province. It is entitled of as the hometown of eel, fresh-water fish, flowers and plants. The city is also listed in the first batch of pilot cities of national agricultural industrialization. 

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