A city with supreme =business environment
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Foshan, renowned for its pioneering spirit and pragmatic attitude, has always been a vanguard of reform in the country and the province. It is a pilot city for deepening the administrative reform and a pilot city of building a law-based international business environment in Guangdong province. In recent years, Foshan has launched the reform of super department system at district level, the reform of streamlining the administration and the reform of administrative approval procedure, which have drawn great attention throughout the country. 


Reform of enterprise registration system has been promoted in an all-round way. The joint registration of the qualification of the juridical person and business operation, the subscribed capital and the registered capital, and the home address and the business venue are no longer required. A new businesses administration approach featuring “low thresholds, efficient examination and tight supervision” has been primarily established. Now it takes merely 6 working days for the approval of the businesses registration in Foshan. 


The administration system of “three lists”— the negative list for businesses investments, the list of approval and the list of supervision – has been promoted. The new administration system clarifies the requirements before, in and after the business investment. A supervision model has been established covering the whole operation chain, the whole procedures and all industries. Business investment can be conducted if they are not prohibited by laws. 


The list of power and responsibilities of government departments has been released, in order to build a new mechanism of power operation with transparency, fairness, and strong supervision. The administration approval process has been simplified to improve the efficiency. Over 50% of the examination and approval items have been streamlined. Over 80% of the items related to individual resident or businesses can be handled by relevant county-level or village-level government offices. One-stop administration service reform has been promoted in an all-round way, which was selected as the country’s Best Practice for Social Governance Innovation in 2015. 


Foshan is one of the first cities to propose the concept of the integration of “online inquiries, online administration, and online supervision”. Foshan is also the first to initiate the pilot project of “Window for Citizens”, the self-service application. In addition, the 12345 administration platform has combined calling station and dispatch system.  

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