A beautiful city of living and tourism
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Foshan adheres to the development concept of rationality, harmony, green and low-carbon. The integration of people, urban environment and industries will be implemented. The city endeavors to form a city pattern with clear city clusters, distinctive centers, well-established functions, beautiful environment and highlighted Lingnan characteristics. 


City-clustered development. The city’s development featured layout of“1+2+5+X” city clusters, which aims to strengthen 1 center, to build 2 new urban areas and 5 districts, as well as several townships. With years of development, the central cluster, is building up its strength and increasing its influence. 


Improving city image and quality. Since the readjustment of the jurisdiction areas in 2003, aiming to form the framework of a modernized metropolis, Foshan has invested 200 billion yuan to complete ten major infrastructure projects, such as Highway Network, Inter-city Rapid Rail Transit, Eco-environment Protection, Energy, Water Conservancy, Industrial Parks, Informationization, Science, Education, Culture and Health, Provincial Games. In 2012, Foshan vigorously implemented the action plan of city improvement. A total investment of 171 billion yuan has been  launched to upgrade the Foshan’s capacity in city functions, public transport, afforestation and landscape, as well as environment improvement. In 2015, Foshan initiated the extended plan of city improvement, which will further improve the quality of the city. 


Foshan is among the pioneering cities in Guangdong Province to explore ways of “three olds”(old townships, old factory buildings and old villages) renovation projects. Since 2007, Foshan has actively implemented “three olds” renovation projects to extend space for new development. In 2009, Foshan was nominated as the model city for “three olds” renovation in Guangdong Province. In 2014, Foshan won the first prize in “three olds” renovation in the province. The heritage area of Zumiao Temple-Donghua Alley has been transformed to Lingnan Tiandi commercial district, which becomes an iconic project in Foshan, combining the Chinese and the western, as well as the olds and the news. 

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