Economic Operation Briefing of Foshan City (January-April, 2013)


From the 1-4 month accumulation, the city's industrial enterprises above designated size (the same source to be followed) have completed the industrial added value 96.107 billion yuan, 12.6% up from a year earlier while the increase rate is flat over the last month, 3.5% up compared with the same period last year. The completion of the gross value of industrial output is 467.138 billion yuan, an increase of 12.9% with a slight growth rate of 0.1% higher than last month, and 3.9% up year-on-year.


1. A rapid development of private industry has been witnessed. The city's private industrial output has reached 305.399 billion yuan, 15.0% up from a year earlier, higher than that of last month, and the cumulative increase is 0.5%. Private industrial growth is 2.1 higher than the city's industries. Private industry accounted for the proportion of total industrial output by 65.4%.


2. The light industry is growing faster than heavy industry. Light industry completed gross value of industrial output of 220.929 billion yuan, an increase of 13.9% over last year, and 1.9% higher growth than heavy industry. Heavy industry completed the gross value of industrial output of 246.209 billion yuan, 12.0% up from a year earlier. The light and heavy industry take up the total industrial proportion by 47.3% and 52.7% respectively.


3. The production of small industrial enterprises is higher than the average level in the city. The small industrial enterprises above designated size in the city completed a gross value of industrial output of 219.908 billion yuan, 18.2% up year on year, and 5.3% higher than the city's industry.


4. Industrial products sales are on the rise while export deliveries have declined. The city's industrial products sales rate is 97.8%, 0.2% up from a year earlier. Accumulative total sales add up to 456.965 billion yuan, an increase of 12.4%. Industrial products export totaled 70.257 billion yuan, 2.6% down.



Based upon the 1-4-month accumulation, Foshan’s fixed assets investment reached 56.142 billion yuan, 12.8% up from a year earlier. Growth rate rose 0.8% higher than last month, and an increase of 5.6% over the previous year.


1. Rural investment growth is faster than the urban investment. The city's urban investment completed 28.683 billion yuan, a drop of 1.9% year on year. Rural investment amounted to 27.459 billion yuan, 33.7% up, but the growth is 7.9% lower than last month’s accumulative total. Rural investment growth is 35.6% higher than urban investment.


2. The tertiary industry investment growth is obviously seen. The primary, secondary and tertiary industries have fulfilled a total investment of 112 million yuan, 20.443 billion yuan, and 35.587 billion yuan respectively with a fall of 39.4%, an increase of 8.8% and 39.4%. The tertiary industry investment growth is 6.7% higher than the secondary industry; 2.7% higher than that of fixed assets investment growth in the city.


3. Real estate development and investment growth have both been accelerated. The city's real estate development and investment arrives at 18.549 billion yuan, 11.4% up from a year earlier, and 9.9% faster in growth than last month.




Within this 4-month period, the total retail sales of social consumer goods in the city come up to 72.419 billion yuan, 11.4% up from a year earlier with a growth of 0.4% down last month and 1.9% higher than a year ago.


1. A synchronous growth of urban and rural consumer goods markets are here to come, with urban retail sales of 53.203 billion yuan, 11.4% up and rural retail sales of 19.216 billion yuan, 11.5% up from a year earlier.


2. Retails and wholesales present a good growth momentum. Retail sales of wholesale and retail establishments in the city point to 63.207 billion yuan, 11.9% up from a year earlier, accounting for 87.3% of the total retail sales of social consumer goods, resulting in an increase of the total retail sales of social consumer goods by 10.3% and growth contribution rate by 90.3%; Accommodation and catering industry in the city achieve a total of 9.213 billion yuan, 8.5% up from a year earlier.


3. The main retails maintain a certain growth rate. From the sales statistics of wholesale and retail enterprises above quota, the sales of clothing, shoes and hats, knitwear textiles; daily necessities, household appliances; and audio-visual equipment goods maintain a steady growth, a year-on-year growth of 18.5%, 8.8% and 5.8% respectively; Auto markets have realized a total retail sales of 9.361 billion yuan, 13.7% up from a year ago accounting for 12.9% of the retail sales in the city.


Fiscal revenue

From January to April, the city's local public finance budget revenue is 13.406 billion yuan, 12.73% up from a year earlier, and the growth rate is 1.74% higher than last month. The public finance budget spending adds up to14.119 billion yuan, 23.89% up from a year earlier.



In late April, the local and foreign deposits in the city’s financial institutions have reached 1.058548 trillion yuan, an increase of 3.9% from a year earlier. Among them, the balance of urban and rural residents savings have totaled 522.823 billion yuan, 0.4%  up from. the beginning of the year, Loan balance is 683.893 billion yuan, 7.0% up from the beginning of the year.


Price of commodities

Accumulated in the first 4 months, the city's consumer prices rise by 2.5%, 0.1% higher than last month. Among them, household appliances and maintenance services prices grow 4.4%, housing prices 3.7%, entertainment education cultural goods and services prices 3.1%, food prices 2.9%, clothing prices 1.9%, cigarettes and wine prices 1.4%, health care and personal products prices 1.2%, yet traffic and communication prices fall by 0.3%.