A taking-shape Modern Metropolis

Since the adjustment of its jurisdiction area in 2002, Foshan has proposed the objective of building a modern metropolis, and a development pattern of city groups has been chosen, which is to build two new downtowns with a population of over one million, and other five with the population between 300 thousand and 500 thousand (It is called the "2+5" city groups). Each group will be tightly connected by expressway transport and high-speed information transmission networks. By seizing the opportunity of hosting the 7th Asia Arts Festival and the 12th Provincial Games in 2005 and 2006 respectively, Ten Main Development Projects have started construction to put in place the framework and rudiments of a modern metropolis. These Projects include: Transport network Project, Inter-cities Rail Project, Eco-environmental Protection Project, Energy Project, Modernized City Groups Project, and Informatization Project, etc. At present, the city's urban development featuring Dongping New Town, Qiandenghu Guangdong Financial Hi-tech Zone, Ancestral Temple-Donghua Alley Historical Cultural Block are well on the way. The rudiments of modern metropolis initially take shape.