A unique geographic advantage

Foshan is at the convergence of East Asia and South East Asia, which is an economic vibrant area in the Asia Pacific Region. As located in the central part of the Pearl River Delta (PRD), one of the most powerful economic areas in China, Foshan and Guangzhou, with similar history and culture, put in place the "Guangzhou-Foshan Economic Circle". It is within one hour's drive from central Foshan to the three main transport hubs of Guangzhou (Guangzhou New Baiyun International Airport, Guangzhou Nansha Port, Guangzhou Railway Station). The geographic advantage enables Foshan to share with Guangzhou the infrastructure facilities, transportation network, financial capital, personnel education, technological information and market resources, etc. It serves to the industry interaction and functions complementation, which further accelerates the regional economic integration and urbanization. Foshan is 231 kilometers away from Hong Kong and 143 kilometers from Macao. It's about two hours? drive from Foshan to Hong Kong and Macao. The close connection between Foshan and Hong Kong, Macao enables Foshan to make full use of the market advantage and metropolitan position of the two cities, facilitating Foshan to get broader involvement in the global economy.