A City of Superior Geographic Location

Located in the mid-south of Guangdong Province, China, Foshan is at the heart of the Pearl River Delta (“PRD”). It connects Guangzhou to the east and is adjacent to Hong Kong and Macao to the south. The excellent geographic location contributes to Foshan's prosperity both in the past and present. The mild climate, adequate rainfall, and evergreen seasons have made Foshan a renowned place of abundance ever since. It has humid subtropical monsoon climate with an average annual temperature of 22.2. In the river-woven area of the PRD, Foshan features Xijiang River and Beijiang River, branches of the Pearl River, running all the way through the city.At present Foshan governs five districts, namely, Chancheng District, Nanhai District, Shunde District, Gaoming District and Sanshui District. The city covers a total area of 3848.49 km2 and has a population over 5.923 million including 3.611 million registered permanent residents. Foshan is referred to as hometown of overseas Chinese. Over 1.48 million Foshan origins are now living overseas, of which over 800,000 are residing in Hong Kong and Macao.