Unique and funny place names in Foshan
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  Is there a lion in Shishan?

  How did Taijian Zhou get its name?

  Have you ever been to these special places in Foshan?


  Most “ferocious”: Shishan (“狮” means “lion” in English) 


  Shishan Town in Nanhai District is not only beautiful in scenery, but also the hometown of Ip Man. But is there really a lion in Shishan?




  There was a legend that once upon a time there was a mountain beside the North River and it was in a shape of lion. Whenever it was windy or rainy at night, the lion would destroy the mulberry and sugarcane planted by the farmer. So the local farmer asked the master, nicknamed "Laibuyi" to stop the evildoing from the lion.




  The farmer built a Wenbi Tower according to Laibuyi. After the tower was built, the lion never destroyed the crops again. Since then, people named the mountain "Shishan Mountain", and later people referred to the area of more than 70 square kilometers as "Shishan”.


  "Most delicious": Ji Zhou (“鸡洲”sounds the same as chicken porridge in Chinese) 


  Speaking of the origin of Ji Zhou, we should first talk about its geographical location: Ji Zhou is located in the southeast of Lunjiao, Shunde District, connecting Yongfeng, separated by a river with Daliang Dazhou. There are vertical and horizontal rivers in the village, forming a small island.




  According to the legend, the former local markets used to be dominated by “three birds”(chicken, duck, goose). At dawn, nearby villagers carried vegetables or “three birds” by rowing or walking to the market for a deal. When people heard the crow of a rooster in a cage, they knew it was the morning and they began to do business, so the place was called “Ji Zhou”.




  Most magical: Guifeng Mountain (“龟” means tortoise in Chinese) 




  It was said that in ancient times people suffered from poisonous snakes, beasts, poisonous miasma and people prayed to god for a steady life, which finally touched the tortoise. The tortoise has conquered the snakes and beasts for the benefit of the local people, but it died of exhaustion when creeping along the river, and then turned into a mountain, which was known as Guifeng Mountain.




  Climbing to the top of the Linggui Tower, you can feel the breeze blowing on your face, and overlooking the beauty of the West River will make you feel relaxed and happy.


  Most funny: Taijian Zhou (“Taijian” means eunuch in Chinese) 


  In Sanshui Taijian Zhou, the breeze goes through the bamboo and finally into the house, which seems the time quietly passed there. It turned out that there was really something to do with an eunuch.



  It was rumored that in the Ming Dynasty, a favored eunuch returned home by boat and accidentally dropped his sword in the North River. The sword was invigorated and stuck at the bottom of the river and formed a beach day after day, so it became the “Taijian Zhou” today.


  Luckiest: Shunfeng mountain (“顺风”means “lucky” in Chinese) 


  Speaking of the "luckiest" scenic spots, Shunfeng Mountain should be on the list. Shunfeng Mountain is one of the "New Ten Sceneries" in Shunde and it is located at the foot of Taiping mountain in the northwest of Shunde New City.


  公园的建设突出以 “山色水韵”为主题,充利用自然空间布局以及旧寨塔、青云塔等历史古迹,依形成了“青山、碧水、一寺、两湖、两塔”的自然与人文景观格局。

  The park is focused on the theme of "Mountain and Water Rhyme", which makes full use of the natural space layout and historical sites such as the Jiuzhai Tower and the Qingyun Tower, and it forms a natural and human landscape pattern of "green mountain, clear water, one temple, two lakes and two towers".



  Most heartbreaking: Nandan (Single men’s) Mountain 

  南丹山位于珠三角唯一“中国长寿之乡”的广东佛山市三水区境内,被北江和漫江环抱,水在山间流,山在水中立,被称为珠三角最美的山水风光 。

  Nandan Mountain is located in Sanshui, Foshan, Guangdong Province, which is the only “Hometown of longevity” in the Pearl River Delta Area. It is surrounded by the North River and and Man River. With water flowing among the mountains and the shadow of mountains reflected on the water, it is called the most beautiful landscape in the Pearl River Delta Area.



  Nandan Mountain is the only sub-tropical rainforest in the Pearl River Delta Area, and it’s also a famous mountain with a long history of Buddhism and Taoism culture. Selenium-rich soil and the culture have created this state-level longevity ecological town.



  A name represents the imprint of a place. It is accepted by people after long practice. Do you know any other special place names in Foshan? Welcome to share with us!


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