Chen Qiyuan Memorial Hall
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Chen Qiyuan Memorial Hall is located at Yiting Ancestral Shrine of the Chen Clan in Jiancun Village, Xiqiao Town. It is built of hard masslf architect of quadrangle dwelling with two main entrances and covers an area of 1500 square meters, of which the building area is 600 square meters. The whole Hall is decorated by exquisite wood carving, brick carving and dust carving.


The ancestral shrine was named 'Yiting Ancestral Shrine of the Chen Clan', built after Chen Oiyuan became rich by running the machinery filature factory in 1887 to memorize his grandfather Chen Yiting who adopted his father Chen Jizhai. From 1994, Nanhai government has invested about one million yuan to repair the shabby Shrine and rebuilt it as Chen Qiyuan Memorial Hall. The Hall exhibits the steam filature model designed by Chen Qiyuan, his measure compass, copies of his books “List of Silkworm and Mulberry", "Chen Qiyuan's Mathematics”, and "Regulating Flow of Qi", reports about him in "Newspaper of Nanhai County" during the Republic of China, and his charcoal portrait and some pictures of his personal experience. Inside there is a mulberry yard and a room for raising silkworms.


There are also workers who would explain and perform silk reeling for visitors according to the time mulberry and silkworm season. In 1994, Nanhai People’s Government listed the Shrine as a Heritage Site of Nanhai District. In 1999, the Hall was rated as a base for patriotic education of Nanhai District. In 2002, the Shrine was listed as a Provincial Heritage Site


Source: 西樵山风景名胜区管理委员会


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