An introduction of Foshan’s Autumn Color
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Foshan’s Autumn Color rooted in Liang Jin Dynasty, and prospered in Ming and Qing Dynasty. After reaping at the autumn, people used to fete to express appreciation to gods and the Mother Nature, and make good wishes for the coming year. Gradually, it forms Foshan’s Autumn Color Festival. Foshan’s Autumn Color is the most special traditional folk custom entertainment in south China. 


Foshan’s Autumn Color includes craftworks competition and performances, during which the items are rich and colorful. There are about seven styles in manifestation including: lantern color, vehicle color, horse color, floating color, land color, water color and view color. Producing techniques include prinking, laying, mounting, acrobatics etc. If sorted by kinds of craftworks, they are prinking works, archaizing works, flower works, fruit works, and etc. 

Foshan is the hometown of “Autumn Color” art

Foshan Autumn Color is comprised of Autumn Color Handicraft Works Display and Autumn Color Parade. Foshan Autumn Color Parade was attended by handicraftsmen, farm labor and merchants, and it was a non-governmental activity held during the mid-autumn period to appreciate the rich autumn harvest in Ming and Qing Dynasty. 
There are different types of topics of Autumn Color Lantern, story scenes of fairy tales and folktales, autumn harvest products, flowers, animals of Chinese zodiac and so on.  


The lanterns are with light inside and it provides different scenery in the daytime and at night. The vehicle color is a vehicle with performance by men dressed like women. Dressing in the lantern of horse shape to do the walk performance is the horse color parade. Performing in the figures and scenes of the themes relevant to water like the lotus, dragon boats, and gathering the fruits of lotus in the story or dance are water color parade. The floating color parade uses the special technique and it reaches the difficulty of live show. 

There are important roles called Color Boy and Color Girl, who are traditionally dressed up to be the classic characters with fixed pose in high place of a pole to show as levitating in the air. These two characters are played by handsome boys and beautiful girls between 7-9 years old, who are the focus of the floating color parade and selected from hundreds of children. There will be other performers who hold the boards with delicate decorations. Land color parade includes the performing way of Shifan, which performs drama in walk show with folk percussion and music played by more than ten types of traditional Chinese musical instruments. In addition, view color is for art works display to reflect the natural scenes, social aspects and real life. There are fish, fruits and vegetables, stone mountains, potted flowers and plants, utensils, antiques and so on. 


Source: Foshan Folk Art Research Institute 

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