The Ancestral Temple Remembering Martyr in the Value History

[Core Prompt]

Below the three golden characters ---“Da Xue Tang”(university ), decorated with festive feast, an old man is busy in the hall, which is like a traditional and friendly picture. This is what happened in Zeng family ancestral temple in Xin village, Beijiao. We came to Tao village and Xin Village in Beijiao and enjoy the different styles of the ancestral temples. In addition to the architectural style and historical stories, the names of temples are also very attractive. Because it is the time of tomb-sweeping, we are going to the Martyr Cemetery to worship the martyrs in the Anti-Japanese War, when passing by the first anti-Japanese base areas in Pearl River Deltza.

First stop: Yuan Family Ancestral Temple

An ancestral temple of Qing Dynasty and an anti-Janpanese base area once.

[Route Guides] You may drive along Sanle road in Beijiao to the direction of Bigui road, turn to the mid-way of Martyr Road, then turn right into the West street,Yuan family ancestral temple is located in this street of Tao village.

This is the ancient temple of Qing Dynasty architectural style. There are some common features of Lingnan ancestral temples, such as the hard top, houer gables, dragon boat ridges, plain foetus tiles, water drop cutting edges, green brick walls and granite feet. In the temple, the beams are very exquisite and the frames are supported by carved cod fish. There are some beautifully carving kylin and dramatic characters on girder ; some carving flowers and lucky animals on the top or below it. There are some carved brick windows in the nave eaves wall and red sand rock offering tables in the hall. Besides the original function, the temple was the military cadres training site of the local anti-Japanese army in 30’s of last century.

Second stop: Xihai Martyr Cemetery

Anti Japanese heroes mentioned in history 

[Route Guides] Come back from West Street, then turn right into the mid-way of Martyr Road and Xihai Martyr Cemetery is just at the roadside.

Xihai Anti Japanese Martyr Monument stands on a small hill with Long and high stone steps ,and surrounded with green forest of pine, to which people show their profound respect. Xihai is one of the earlier anti Japanese base areas in the Pearl River Delta. During the Anti Japanese War, the Communist Party Central Communittee of Nanhai, Panyu,Zhongshan and Shude counties was here. In 1952, in order to commemorate the revolutionary martyrs in Sihai Victory and other anti Japanese battles in the anti-Japanese war, Shude government set up the Anti Japanese Martyr Cemetery in the place where the second guerrilla team of the Pearl River column fought against japanese. The obelisk monument is 15 meters high and decorated with washed granolithic , on which carved “ Xihai Anti Japanese Martyr Monument” written by Lin Qiangyun. Museum is located in the west south of monument, and more than 300 pieces of relative historical relics are displayed there.