Martial Artist Huang Feihong

Huang Feihong, birth name: Huang Xixiang, courtesy name: Dayun. His domicile of origin is Xilvzhou Village, Xiqiao Mountain, Nanhai. Huang Feihong was born in Foshan on the ninth day of the seventh month of the twenty-seventh year of the reign of Emperor Daoguang (1847) and he spent his childhood and youth hood in Foshan. When Huang was six, he began his study of martial arts under his father Huang Qi Ying. To supplement his poor family's income, he followed his father to Foshan, Guangzhou and throughout the rest of Guangdong Province to do martial arts performances and to sell medicines. At the age of thirteen, while giving a martial arts demonstration at Douzhixiang, Foshan, Huang Feihong met Lin Fucheng, the first apprentice of Tie Qiao San, who taught him the "tour de force" of Iron Wire Fist and Sling, which helped him become a master of Hung Ga.

When he was sixteen, Huang set up martial arts schools at Shuijiao, the 7th Pu, Xiguan, Guangzhou, and then opened his clinic 'Bao Zhi Lin' on Renan Street in Foshan. He was fast making his mark as a highly-respected physician and martial artist. As a famous martial arts master, he had many apprentices. He was successfully engaged by Jiming Provincial Commander-in-Chief Wu Quanmei and Liu Yongfu as the military medical officer, martial art general drillmaster, and Guangdong local military general drillmaster. He later followed Liu Youngfu to fight against the Japanese army in Taiwan. His life was full of frustration, and in his later years he experienced the loss of his son and the burning of 'Bao Zhi Lin'. On lunar year, the twenty-fifth day of the third month in 1924, Huang Feihong died of illness in Guangdong Chengxi Fangbian Hospital.