Home to a Galaxy of Talented People

Ever since ancient times, Foshan has been home to groups of talented people. Since the Tang and Song Dynasty, there have been nine number one scholars from Guangdong Province, and five of them were from Foshan. The city are proud of the outstanding historical figures like Kang Youwei, leader of the Constitutional Reform in 1898, political activists Zhang Menghuan, Dai Hongci, Tan Pingshan, He Xiangning, Luo Dengxian and Deng Pei, national businessmen Chen Qiyuan, Jian Zhaonan and Jian Yujie, scientists Zhan Tianyou, Zou Boqi, litterateur Wu Yanren, famous Canton Opera artists Xue Juexian, Ma Shizeng, martial artists Liang Zan, Huang Feihong and Bruce Lee, famous doctor Li Guanghai, craftsmen Huang Bing, Chen Weiyan, Liu Chuan, and the first Chinese priest Liang Fa, etc.

Kang Youwei   He Xiangning  Zhan Tianyou   Huang Feihong  Bruce Lee  Li Guanghai