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Foshan Deepening “Internet Plus Advanced Manufacturing " & Developing Industrial Internet Implementation Plan 2018-2020 (hereinafter referred to as “Plan”) has been issued recently, which proposed that by 2020, the construction of industrial Internet in Foshan will take the lead in Guangdong Province. And Foshan will cultivate two industrial Internet service platforms with strong strength and domestic leading level, and 10 leading technology and model industrial Internet service providers; Promote more than 1000 industrial enterprises to carry out digital, networking and intelligent upgrading, driving 20, 000 enterprises to enter the cloud platform.


The "Plan" defines five key tasks, among which, in the aspect of construction of a multi-level platform system, Foshan focuses on enterprises in the fields of equipment manufacturing, ceramics, household appliances, textile and clothing, furniture and etc., encouraging enterprise infrastructure, enterprise platform system and enterprise business application to enter the cloud platform.


In the aspect of upgrading enterprise support capacity, Foshan encourages leading enterprises to strengthen R & D efforts on key cutting-edge technology needs; Introducing new R & D institutions such as top universities; Promoting the integration of industrial chain, innovation chain and financial chain by providing public innovation services.


In the aspect of application demonstration, Foshan strongly supports leading enterprises in manufacturing industry to unite industrial Internet platform vendors and service providers to build a benchmarking demonstration project of industrial Internet application; Build enterprise and industry platform by strengthening enterprise equipment networking and data acquisition ability.


Foshan will give support in Industrial benchmark demonstration, financial service pilot, platform construction, common technology R&D, application service innovation, innovation center construction and so on.

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