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 Representatives from German RWTH Aachen visited the production site of enterprises. Pic via Shunde Polytechnic 

This week, a team of experts from RWTH Aachen in Germany will come to Shunde Polytechnic again. This time, they will jointly study the establishment of Industry 4.0 demonstration factory in the enterprise. 


Hand in hand with RWTH Aachen , how will Foshan and Shunde open a new chapter of cooperation with Germany? For Foshan, a city without much advantage in higher education, what experience can be learned from the cooperation with RWTH Aachen? 


German innovation projects will enter Shunde in the future 


RWTH Aachen relies on advanced industry-university-research cooperation to fully attract and gather enterprise resources. According to the data, RWTH Aachen has a budget of 900 million euros in 2016, of which 326 million euros comes from third-party sponsorship. 


"We're trying to promote the construction of the demonstration plant fund to be undertaken by enterprises. In the future, outstanding solutions of German Industry 4.0 will be gradually transferred and applied to Guangdong enterprises, research and innovation project of RWTH Aachen will be transferred to Shunde, German vocational education will be transferred to Guangdong so as to localize." said Xia Wei, principal of Shunde Polytechnic. 


Learn from the research experience of RWTH Aachen 

Build a global innovation platform for Shunde enterprises 


RWTH Aachen Machine Tool Laboratory founded in 1906 is the world's largest machinery research institute. In April 2017, Shunde Polytechnic and RWTH Aachen Machine Tool Lab officially signed a contract to jointly establish "Guangdong- RWTH Aachen 4.0 Application Research Center". After a year , a team of Shunde Polytechnic and RWTH Aachen did on-the-spot investigation and discussion of more than 10 representative enterprises in Shunde home appliance manufacturing industry, equipment manufacturing industry, food industry, etc. Industry 4.0 Technology Application and Promotion Training were also held and attracted more than 160 enterprises. 


Both sides also decided to speed up the construction of the research center. The research center consists of two major physical projects: exhibition hall and demonstration factory. According to the introduction, the total investment of the two projects is about 150 million yuan, which is expected to be completed and put into operation in September 2019. Xia Wei said that the research center will be fully based on the experience of all kinds of institutions from RWTH Aachen, the research and development personnel and enterprises will jointly develop solutions,a global platform will be built for enterprises in Shunde and even the Pearl River Delta Area, and the whole industrial system will be upgraded with talents fro universities and the spillover effect of technology. 


"RWTH Aachen students in the early stages of learning can take part in the research projects of demonstration centre. In the future, students from Shunde Polytechnic can experience the world's most advanced Industry 4.0 technology here, and they can study and practice at the demonstration factory." Xia Wei said. 

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