Perfect Functional Infrastructures

Foshan is a city with the superior investment environment and full set of infrastructures.

Convenient Traffic
Foshan has created a perfect three-dimensional transport network with water, land and air. Guangzhou-Foshan, Foshan-Kaiping, Guangzhou-Sanshui three high-ways meet in Foshan; Guangzhou-Sanshui railway and Sanshui-Maoming railway run-through the city; train go straight to Kowloon, Hongkong from Foshan. Foshan has had 17 external ports, hereinto 4 of them are passenger services and 11 of them are container ports. There are passenger services to Hongkong every day. At present there are totally 3,996 km highroad in the city, and the road density is 104 km per square kilometers.  


Stabile energy
As a result of attaching importance to the construction of power supply and power transmission system, Foshan is one of areas with a steady power supply. The city’s installed capacity of electric power is totally 2,431,500 kilowatts. In order to meet the needs of industrial development, Foshan had invested more than 17.7 billion into building a group of power transmission project. 9.9 billion investment have expanded a number of large power project and had installed 2,028,000 kilowatts. The natural gas project (LNG) has been layout that every area in Foshan would open the natural gas network in 2010.


Developed Communication
Informationization composite index in Foshan has reached 78%, which is a fairly high ratio nationally. In the next 3 years, 13.5 billion yuan investment will be put into the further improvement of information network infrastructure. Network system and computer information processing in Foshan is in the country’s leading level.