Sound Vocational Education


Foshan boasts a professional vocational and technical training system, which is oriented towards the market and takes the lead in the country. The continuation education colleges and vocational training schools have fostered and provided a large number of skilled and practical talents for the forefront of production, management and service for the city’s modernization drive. There are 39 secondary vocational and technical schools (including technical schools, the same hereinafter), 39 cultural and technical schools for adults, 2 higher vocational and technical colleges in Foshan. In 2005, the secondary vocational and technical schools have an enrollment of 48,900 students, higher vocational and technical colleges 12,000 students, and the number of different people who have received vocational trainings amounted to 300,000. Such schools as Foshan University, Foshan Polytechnic, Shunde Polytechnic and Guangdong Industry Technical College are all high quality vocational training institutes.

Its adjacency to Guangzhou, relatively low cost of living and comfortable human settlements have provided excellent conditions for Foshan to share technical personnel resources in Guangzhou.