Normative and effective government service


There are Administrative Service Centers and Investment service centers in every districts of Foshan, where each department of Foshan government can associate with others and provide a convenient, normative one-stop service. The examine and approve procedure will be finished in 5 working days by the Foreign Trade and Economic department and the register procedure will be completed within 5 working days if the it is a non-restricted foreign invest project with full information. And other auditing and register procedure will be done in 2 working days. 

In Foshan, special investment service institutions are established in every Industrial Parks, where investors can have comprehensive, high quality, efficient service on every aspect of their investment, such as location, examine and approve and manufacturing management etc. 

 With the norm, incorrupt, transparent legal system and a standard, efficiently, superior quality political environment, along with the favorable business environment, that makes Foshan become a hot investment place for domestic and international investors.