Submitting approval procedure of foreign invested enterprises

1.   1.Application of pre-register for enterprises name from Industry and Commerce Administration Bureau.

2. The nonrestrictive projects which under US $1 billion investment that is required to submit the project proposals, feasibility reports, contracts and articles to approved by the Bureau of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation. The restrictive projects and the nonrestrictive project which upon US $1 billion investment that should get the sanction from the Development and Reform Bureau first, then submit the contracts and articles to the Bureau of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation and examined and approved by the relative departments.

3. Application for Organization Code from Quality and Technology Supervision Bureau.

4. Foreign Trade and Economic Bureau approve and issue the Certificate of Approval.

5. Industrial and Commercial Bureau approve and issue the Business licenses.

6. Company seal made by Police station.

7. Apply for the confirmation of tax exemption from the Foreign Trade and Economic Bureau if there is imported equipment that in line with the tax-free formalities.

8. To complete all procedures of enterprise establishment by CIQ, Administration of Exchange Control, banks, Administration of Taxation, Bureau of Finance, CCIQ, Labor and Social Security Bureau etc.