A Guide to the Administrative Service Center of the People’s Government of Foshan City


The Administrative Service Center of the People’s Government of Foshan City, a public institution managed with the public servant system, is established upon approval of the municipal government. Its main responsibilities are: to organize relevant functional departments in managing and implementing administrative licensing in a centralized and united way; to organize, coordinate and supervise the concentrated handling of administrative procedures for examination and approval as well as relevant services by functional departments concerned; and to provide “one stop” and “one package” service for citizens and investors in accordance with the management principles of being “open, standardized, efficient and clean”.

The center, located in the Gongjiao Building, No.28 Jihua Wu Road, Chancheng District, exercises the construction and management mode featuring relevant department of the two levels – those directly under the municipal government and those of Chancheng District – handling administrative procedures for examination and approval in the same office and sharing resources. Its office and service grounds cover an area of about 8,000 sq. m. in total, with 112 service seats for clients and over 190 personnel (including staff of the center). Over 42 departments have been stationed in the center (excluding those departments temporarily stationed during the united annual review of foreign-funded enterprises), among which, 12 are administrative functional departments at the municipal level, 19 are administrative functional departments of Chancheng District, 11 are intermediary service institutions and 10 departments have their relevant divisions coming in as a whole. The center handles over 460 items of administrative examination and approval and service, including mainly several categories like investment project initiation, enterprise registration, project report for construction and handy service for the public.


  ★ Different windows represent the different functional departments in the center, responsible for providing different examination and approval services. Please come to the relevant window for the transaction of your business.

   ★ The legal basis, service object, applying conditions, materials needed, handling procedure, promised time limit, basis and standard of charges and others have been published to public in the service hall as required, please check the relevant directions.
  ★ The windows exercise the first-consulted-person responsibility system, that is, the worker who accepts the application is responsible for the whole process from its acceptance to settlement. Generally, you do not need to go to the offices of other functional departments for formalities.

★ The windows practice the one time notification system. Responsible window is required to notice the clients unambiguously all the materials needed and matters requiring attention in application and transaction at a time, so as to eliminate the need of repeated visit of the clients.  
  ★ For items which can not be settled on site (within the day), the client shall require the window to issue an acceptance receipt, stating clearly the accepted item and the promised settlement time. When the promised time limit is due, the client can come to draw the results by the receipt.

  ★ For items that needs additional conditions or materials to carry on the procedure, the client shall require the window to issue in time the notice for completion of formalities, stating clearly at a time the additional conditions or materials needed. The promised time limit for the window to carry on the transaction would automatically extend accordingly from the time when such conditions or materials are submitted.

★ For items with charges, the client shall require the window to issue advice of charge and pay the fee in the bank outlets nearby (some windows may collect directly some petty cash).
  ★ The client is entitled to require the window to fully explain the reason why an applied item is not accepted or can not pass the examination and verification. 

 ★ Please leave your contact information in application and transaction. The center will notify you of the transaction result voluntarily by means of short message, fax, email and others when your item is settled.

Other Directions:

★ The portal of the center is www.fsxzfw.gov.cn. Clients can log on the website of the center to download application forms for examination and approval, deal with pre-acceptance of online examination and approval and manage other relevant things.   
  ★ Clients can inquire about the application directions, transaction state and result and other situations of their applied items in a timely manner through the center portal, the touch screen computers in the service hall, the interactive voice response hotline (83280000), the contact telephone numbers of the working windows and other ways. 

★If you are to pay your charges at the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, please come to the Chancheng Sub-branch of the bank on the first floor of the center. If you are to pay at the China Construction Bank, please come to its Jianxiang Sub-branch on the first floor of the Meteorology Building (east to the office building of the center).
 ★ The center has set up a business center in the hall of the first floor, providing printing, scanning, telephone, fax and other services for the client to use of their own accord.  
Telephone Numbers of the Windows:

Stationed Departments

Contact Numbers

Stationed Departments

Contact Numbers

Foshan Development and Reform Bureau


Administration of Culture, Radio, Film, TV, Press and Publication of Chancheng District


Foshan Municipal Bureau of Economy and Trade


Health Supervision Station of Chancheng District


Bureau of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation of Foshan


Agricultural Bureau of Chancheng District


Administration of Local Taxation of Foshan


Public Security Bureau, Chancheng Branch(Population Management Department)


Administration of Quality and Technology Supervision of Foshan


Public Security Bureau, Chancheng Branch (Public Security)


Foshan Meteorological Bureau


Public Security Fire Control Group, Chancheng District


Food and Drug Administration of Foshan


Quota Allocation Office for Cars in Chancheng District


Administration of Culture, Radio, Film, TV, Press and Publication of Foshan


Local Taxation Bureau of Chancheng District


Legal Aid Department of Foshan


Bureau of Administrative Law Enforcement for Urban Management, Chancheng District


Quota Allocation Office for Cars in Foshan


Civil Air Defense Office of Chancheng District


Foshan Customs Office in Chancheng


Foshan Municipal Construction Trade Center


Foshan Municipal Public Security Bureau (Population Management Department)


Foshan Municipal Management Station of Construction cost


Development and Reform Bureau of Chancheng District


Foshan Urban Geographic Information Center


Economic and Trade Bureau (Bureau of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation)of Chancheng District



Foshan Research Institute of Environmental Protection


Administration for Industry and Commerce of Chancheng District


Industrial and Commercial Information Service Center of Chancheng District


Transport Bureau of Chancheng District


Supervision Station of Construction Quality and Safety, Chancheng District


Foshan Urban Planning Bureau, Chancheng Branch




Foshan Power Supply Bureau of China Southern Power Grid


Bureau of Construction (Housing Management Bureau ) of Chancheng District


Foshan Municipal Water Supply Corporation


Municipal Bureau of Gardening, Environment and Sanitation of Chancheng District


Foshan Municipal Post Office


Land Resource Office of Foshan, Chancheng Branch


China Telecom, Foshan Branch


Environmental Protection Bureau of Chancheng District


Foshan Gas Co., Ltd.