Grenada Saint George

        January 26, 2010, is visiting Grenada Georgia delegation, Guangdong Province, signed the "The People's Republic of China, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, Grenada, St. George city, with the development of friendly exchanges and cooperation in a memorandum." Delegation, Chun-yan, deputy director of the Guangdong Foreign Affairs Office and the St. George constituency representatives and Members, extra long-David, representing the two sides signed the MOU. Chinese Ambassador to Grenada, Ambassador Zhang 10000 Sea and the Georgian Foreign Ministry Permanent Secretary and the Permanent Secretary Ministry of Tourism, attended the signing ceremony.


        David Foreign Minister at the signing ceremony, Guangdong Province warmly welcomed the delegation's visit to Georgia, on behalf of the Georgian government to invite and Foshan City, Guangdong Province, April 23 this year to build the city 300 anniversary of St. George's to send a delegation to visit Georgia, and to Foshan signed an agreement with St. George's became sister cities. He expressed the hope that authorities of both sides to maintain close contact in order to ensure the smooth completion of guitar a good job.


        The two cities signed a memorandum aimed at enhancing mutual understanding and friendship, and consolidate and develop friendly and mutually beneficial cooperation, focusing on bilateral cooperation in economy, trade, agriculture, tourism exchanges and cooperation in such areas.